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Developing new companies through
strategic capital investment, management, resourcing support

Family of Companies

Welcome to Plexos Capital, where we develop new companies through strategic investment and management support.

Our highly experienced and diversified leadership team identifies untapped or growing areas of need in the marketplace, with a particular focus on technologies and resources that can streamline operations and solve difficult problems.


Our Values

We believe in using cutting-edge technologies and resources to create efficient and effective solutions for our clients, and we are committed to delivering value to all stakeholders.


We see limitless capacity in the market for technologies and resources that can streamline operations and solve difficult problems within the global economy.
Values - Innovation | Plexos Capital


We bring the right resources and the right subject matter experts to turn our clients’ major pain points and challenges into solutions.
Values - Efficiency | Plexos Capital


We identify untapped or growing areas of need in the marketplace for our expertise and strategically reinvest capital into new ventures within our core practices.
Values - Value | Plexos Capital

Strategic Capital Reinvestment

Delivering Enterprise Value

At Plexos Capital, we strategically reinvest capital into new ventures across a wide range of industries, from IT to cybersecurity, healthcare, and beyond.

By seeding businesses in a variety of life cycle stages through capital placement, we deliver significant enterprise value for our shareholders by attracting outside investment.

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Strategic Capital Reinvestment | Plexos Capital

Powerful IT Solutions For Today's Business Challenges

Streamline IT Challenges


Streamlining IT Challenges

We’re focused on finding comprehensive solutions to solve complex IT challenges facing our clients in the government, claims, oil and gas, and medical sectors and beyond.

Driving Efficient Solutions


Driving Efficient Solutions

From managed IT services to cyber security and application development, we provide customized solutions that streamline efficiencies, drive transparency, and rapidly deploy resources where they’re needed most. 


Our Investments

Cutting-Edge Ventures

In the past few years alone, Plexos has identified groundbreaking opportunities in cybersecurity as well as opioid drug diversion analytics, catching the attention of the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and Business View Magazine.


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