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About Our Firm

Unleashing Potential through Strategic Investments


At Plexos Capital, we are dedicated to unleashing the potential of emerging companies through strategic investments. 

With a mission to identify untapped opportunities and deliver significant enterprise value, we specialize in providing capital, management support, and resources to drive growth and success.


Strategic Support for Programs, Services & IT Solutions

We offer tailored resources and support to optimize the programs, services, and information technology solutions new companies need to differentiate themselves in highly competitive markets: 

Large-Scale Programs

Bipartisan Infrastructure Law
Class-Action Settlements
Emergency Management
FEMA Disaster Recovery
Financial Settlements
HUD CDBG-DR Recovery
Insurance Claims
Mass Tort
Medical Claims
Multidistrict Litigation
U.S. Treasury Funding

Large Scale Programs | Plexos Capital

Responsive & Transparent Services

Anti-Fraud, Waste, & Abuse
Call Center & Outreach
Case Management
Document Management
Financial Management
Funds Disbursement
Inventory Management
Policies & Procedures
Quality Assurance & Control

Responsive and Transparent Services | Plexos Capital

Innovative IT

Claims Management Software
Data-Mining Software
Data Reporting & Analytics
Field Data Collection Software
Fraud Detection & Prevention
IT Systems & Infrastructure
Real-Time Dashboard Reporting

Innovative IT | Plexos Capital

With an unwavering commitment to innovation, efficiency, and value, we actively contribute to the development and transformation of industries worldwide.


Leveraging Our Business Expertise

Our Leadership Team

David Odom, Kirk Fisher, and Paul Rainwater are program delivery, business consulting, and information technology experts who’ve honed their experience in top-level management positions.

They’ve provided expert consultancy services to Fortune 500 companies, testified before Congress, and provided expert guidance to foreign governments.


Our Investments

Cutting-Edge Ventures

In the past few years alone, Plexos has identified groundbreaking opportunities in cybersecurity as well as opioid drug diversion analytics, catching the attention of the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and Business View Magazine.


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